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Imperial Crown War
North East 2022

Join us as we celebrate The Empire with feasting, games, and revelry!

Old Book

Event Fees

$36 W/ Camping Adult Full Weekend

$20 W/ Camping Children Full Weekend

$112 Family max

(Includes Breakfasts, Lunch Boards, Saturday Feast)

$10 Day Trip (Lunch Board Included)

$7.50 Feast for Each Day


Children under 5 Free!

Event Fees
Kendo Battle

War Scenarios

Rapier War Scenarios

1. Burrow Siege - the Knights have fought all the way to the Bunny's Burrow, but their armored combatants are exhausted and as such they have sent in their light battalions in to breach the walls to seize the hand grenade. -  Timed Castle Siege battle
2. Tunnel Trouble - the Knights have breached the walls but are met with an unending tide of Bunnies, for the best odds of retrieving the Hand Grenade the knights have sent in infiltators in attempt to steal the Hand grenade back from the paws of the Bunnies - Champions fight , 2v2
3. Open season -  the knight have somehow secured the hand grenade and are escaping back to their keep. The rabbits catch up to the rapscallions in an open field. - kill the general style rez scenario but with multiple targets (two targets per army).  The head rabbits/Knights are NOT allowed to be together. Combat archery 

Shinai War Scenarios

1. Open season -  the Knights have determined that the hand grenade is too dangerous to take back to their keep. They have called in the rest of the army to push the Bunnies back to their stronghold. - kill the general style rez scenario but with multiple targets (two targets per army).  The head rabbits/Knights are NOT allowed to be together. Combat archery 
2. Burrow Siege - the Knights have pushed all the Bunnies back to their Burrow and must breach the walls to make a mad dash to blow up the Burrow. - Timed Castle Siege battle
3. Count to 3! - The Bunnies have realized the Knights plan and are pushing to have the hand grenade explode in the midst of the other Army. -  Kick the keg.  Combatants must have at least one free hand to pick up the Grenade and run it to the other sides base. First army to 3 wins and exploding the grenade. Combat archery allowed.

Steel War Scenarios

1. Secrets out - the Bunnies have found secret plans on a second Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch. They have infiltrated the Knights Stronghold are are trying to steal the Hand grenades. - 2v2 champions fight
2. Open season - the Bunnies have escaped the castle and are running for their base. The knight catch up to the Vermin in an open field. - kill the general style rez scenario but with multiple targets (two targets per army).  The head Bunnies/Knights are NOT allowed to be together.
3. Tunnel Trouble - the bunnies have escaped the battle again with the hand grenade. The knights have tracked them back to their burrow and must retrieve the hand grenade. - corridor battles, last man standing.

Archery War Scenarios

War Shoots will be on Saturday. There will be an Imperial Archery Tournament on Sunday. 

All shooting, both days Bowmen and Huntsmen will be at 20 Yards.


Target One:

Bowman's List and Huntsman's List (both). A 3d Zombie Target.

Head shots only as determined from the chin up. 1 point each hit. 3 flights of 6.

Army Score is the total of all on each list.

Target Two:

The Combined Armies List. a 3D Deer Target. Internal Organs scored as marked.

Anywhere else on the body scored as 1 point. 3 flights of 6.

Army score is the total of all archers from that army on this target.

Champions Point will be the single highest score on Target 2.

Sundays Imperial Archery Tournament

Target for Both the Huntsmen and Bowmen shall be a standard 10 point 80 CM Bullseye at 20 yards. 3 flights of 6 arrows each. I am checking on Crossbows.

If there is a Crossbow list shooting will be the same.

My personal crossbow will be on site if you bring your own bolts. 




While Crossbows have been approved for use in the Adrian Empire Lex Adria,

has yet to be changed to reflect their use in Crown War.

In consultation with the Emperor we will playtest their use by adding a Huntsman and

Bowman Crossbow lists.

As this is playtest neither will carry a war point. Archers may shoot both.

Combat Cards Must Be Filled Out and Up To Date!!

Old World Map

Site Information

General Information:

Our War is being held at the

Manada Gap Family Center

The facility is a large Multi-acre site with  camping on site.

There are hotels available within 5 miles of our site for those who do not wish to camp. 

This event is Co-Autocrated by:

Lady Tuathflaith ingen hui Chleirigh


Duchess Rhanwen Grpernicus


Pets are not allowed on this site, but

service animals are permitted.


There is a large, air-conditioned, indoor facility with restrooms. Indoor restrooms are available during the day and PortaPotty and Portable Sink are available at night.  Sinks and cold storage are also available.


Please note:

No indoor showers are available.

Note for pets and small children:

There is a swing set for the kids to play on . ​Pets must be cleaned up after

This Is a Dry Site.

Alcohol is not permitted anywhere on site by church ordinance. Please abstain from alcohol or brewed-based Arts and Sciences entries.  

First Aid in the Area


13 Miles - Hershey Medical Center 
13 Miles - UMPC Community Osteopathic Hospital 

Urgent Care

9.4 Miles - AspireCare
10 Miles - UMPC Urgent Care

Pennsylvania State Police Troop H


Site Info

Hotel Information

We will have camping on site, but for those not looking to camp, there are many hotels in the area of
Manada Gap Community Center. To search for accommodations on a booking site, specify the
Harrisburg, PA/ Hershey, PA area. Below is a short list of hotels in the immediate area, within a 15
minute drive of the venue, under $100. There are many others within the same driving distance under

Econo Lodge, $57, 6 minute drive
7930 Linglestown Rd. Harrisburg, PA 17112,, 717-540-9100

Ramada by Wyndham in Harrisburg/Hershey area, $61,

13 minute drive
300 Mountain Rd. Harrisburg, PA 17112, 717-461-9602

Motel 6 Harrisburg- Hershey, $81,

6 minute drive
7965 Jonestown Rd., Harrisburg, PA 17112 717-545-6944

Quality Inn Harrisburg, $85,

12 minute drive
200 N. Mountain Rd., Harrisburg, PA 17112 717-540-9339

Super 8 by Wyndham, Harrisburg-Hershey, $88, 7 minute drive
( I saw a sale for this one as low as $48!)
7975 Jonestown Rd., Harrisburg, PA 17112 717-901-8383

Best Western in Harrisburg, $97,

9 minute drive

7500 Allentown Blvd., Harrisburg, PA 17112, 717-652-0101

Hotel Info
A Fancy Feast

Feast Menu

Sat Feast.png
Sun Feast.png
Feast Menu

Schedule of Events






Archey Tourny

ICW NE 2022 Archery Tournament

Our tournament rules are as follows:

Bowman Shoot:

Highest Twenty

Fast Flight

Novelty Targets at Various Point Values

Huntsman Shoot:

All Bowman Shooting Activities

Capture the King

Windowed Archery Shoot

Masked Ball

Masked Ball

We will be having a contest for the masked ball on Saturday night of ICW. The contest will be broken into these three categories:

1. Best Mask

2. Best Couples Garb

3. Best Dancer(s)

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